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Making Commercial Underwriting Efficient

Transforming Loss Run Into Actionable Insights

Streamlining Loss Run Extraction

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Our advanced AI, combined with expert verification, accurately extracts loss run data at a remarkable 99.9% accuracy within 2 hours.

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Loss Run Analytics

Get Quick & Accurate Loss Run Insights

Uncover key information from loss runs with our insights report. Spot key trends and patterns and analyse risk accurately.

Data Extraction Process

How it Works?

Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

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Step 2


Our AI model does the document indexing and data extraction from the loss run documents

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Step 3

Data Verification

Automated quality checks runs on the data along with expert review, makes sure data is accurate

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Step 4

Data Enrichment

Extracting information from relevant third party sources as per the line of business, providing 360 degree view of the customer.

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Step 5


Generating visual reports that summarizes the key trends in the loss run files

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Step 6


Sending this extracted data along with analytics to the carriers either via APIs, Excels, SFTP, Email or any other way as per requirement.

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Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

Our Features

What Makes Us Unique

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99.9% Accuracy within 2 hrs

Commercial insurance specific AI models along with expert review delivers 100% accurate data within 2hrs

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Loss run analytics

Quick insights helping underwriters to evaluate risk accurately. Helping Insurers to make informed decisions!

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Support any format

Understands any carrier, MGA or other loss runs formats across line of business

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Implement in 2 weeks!

Flexible document ingestion techniques makes it easy to do rapid deployments with current workflows quickly

AI-powered, 100% Accuracy!

Our Technology

Our cutting-edge approach integrates Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, and LLMs, providing unmatched precision in extracting data from complex submissions, propelling Commercial Insurance into a new era of efficiency.

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What our Customers are saying

Significantly improved our underwriting efficiency

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After bringing in loss run analysis product to our submission and underwriting process, we saw a positive shift. As our employees moved up the career path from Underwriting Assistants to Underwriters, we did not have to backfill all roles as this replaced manual data entry. Our operations are now faster, impacting quote generation speed positively. We have now achieved a data accuracy of 99.9%, ensuring consistently improved risk analysis, with an average turnaround time of submission to reviewable underwriting file in the underwriter’s queue under 2 hours. has truly streamlined our submission workflow!

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Michaela Morrison

SVP Operations

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