Loss Run Extraction

Our Advanced AI, along with Expert Review, provides 99.9% Accuracy

Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

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Step 2


Our AI model does the document indexing and data extraction from the loss run documents

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Step 3

Data Verification

Automated quality checks runs on the data along with expert review, makes sure data is accurate

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Step 4

Data Enrichment

Extracting information from relevant third party sources as per the line of business, providing 360 degree view of the customer.

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Step 5


Generating visual reports that summarizes the key trends in the loss run files

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Step 6


Sending this extracted data along with analytics to the carriers either via APIs, Excels, SFTP, Email or any other way as per requirement.

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Flow Step Image

Step 1


Data can be ingested via API, SFTP, Email or our UI in multiple formats like excel, pdf, jpg, word and tiff

Commercial Insurance Specific AI

3 Layers of Advanced AI: Sorting, Extraction & Contextual Understanding

Powered by a robust foundation of AI technologies, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and large language-based models, extracting data with high accuracy.

  • Template agnostic: Seamlessly works on any loss run format
  • Data normalisation: Standardising carrier/ MGAs / TPAs loss run terminology for seamless information consumption
Uplifting Underwriters
Automating Underwriters

Submission Analytics

Loss Run Insights Report

Unlock the true potential of loss runs with our Insights Report.

  • Access critical details: Easily uncover essential information within loss runs.
  • Identify trends and patterns: Utilize data analytics to spot key trends and patterns.
  • Customizable summary reports: Tailor reports to specific needs.

Data Verification

Expert Review Platform

Ensuring 100% accuracy with our data review platform

  • Flagging system: Proactively identify inaccuracies with an intelligent flagging system.
  • Drawing features for editing: Edit inaccurate data and add missing information effortlessly without manual entry.
  • Customized rules for data verification: Implement rules specific to your data requirements for accurate output.
  • Submission prioritization: Prioritize submissions based on urgency with dedicated priority processing.
Uplifting Underwriters

Navigating Manual Tasks: The Underwriting Struggle

  • Manual data entry
  • High processing time
  • Low data quality
  • Inaccurate risk analysis
  • Missed submissions during peak times
  • Slower quote generation

Empowering Underwriters with Automation

  • No manual entry, fully automated
  • Lower processing time
  • 99.9% data quality
  • Accurate risk analysis
  • Handle any volume of submissions
  • Faster quote generation
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Submission Handling

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Fortify your Data: Unwavering Security

We prioritize safeguarding your data. With SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, rest assured your information is in capable hands. All data is stored on highly secure US-based cloud servers.

Our track record has earned the trust of top carriers.


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